Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 35 of #40Days - prison babies.

A pregnant relative went to prison. She would be in prison when the baby was born, so she would have to find someone to take the baby or he would be placed into foster care by the state.

She asked us to take him and we did. We went to the hospital shortly after the baby was born and picked him up. It was a joyful occasion that was marred by the situation. But she was scheduled for release in a few months and her baby won't ever remember going home with us.

Jill met another young lady while taking the baby for visits with his mom at the prison. She was pregnant too. She had no one who could take care of her baby. So, for the second time, we brought home a prison baby.

Prison mom number two didn't do as well as the first one. After holding down a job for a few weeks, she returned to the lifestyle that got her in trouble. And she took her baby with her.

While we had him, some of our friends got attached to him. When his mom couldn't continue to care for him, she asked them to take him. Eventually, she allowed them to adopt him.

He is pictured above with our kids and a neighbor.

This true story shows how God can put people in the right place to minister to others. I am proud of how Jilly was willing to foster these two babies so God put one back with his birth mom and the other with his adoptive family.

God bless,

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