Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Day the Brasfield Nation was Born.

"Wake up, Jill.  We're getting married today."

She didn't have a house phone, and it was the days before cell phones, so I headed to her house.

We were planning to get married by the Justice of the Peace on December 23, 1987.  I was scheduled off work at both of my jobs.  But, the 22nd was to be a busy pre-wedding day, with a job interview followed by three jobs.  I had applied for a management position with Eckerd Drugs, which would be more appropriate for a family man.  After the interview, I would go to my job as Santa in the mall, then to my next job as a shoe salesman, and finally don the suit again at 10:00pm for a paid gig at a company Christmas party.

One phone call on the morning of December 22 changed our plans.  The big job interview was postponed to the 23rd, at the same time we were planning to go before the JP.  The only option, if we were to keep our decision to be wed over the Christmas school break, was to rush to the courthouse right then.

Since she didn't have a phone, I drove to little house which she shared with her cousin.  It was the same house we affectionately called "The Love Shack",  so you know what I think of every time I hear that song by the B52's.

We quickly rounded up some of our closest friends, including Jennifer Morton (Perkins) and the Bounds family, and caravanned to the Knox County Courthouse where the Justice of the Peace performed a most excellent little ceremony for us, Mr. and Mrs. Brasfield.  The Brasfield Nation was born. 

I was late for work that day.  My boss thought I was telling one when I said I had just gotten married.  The ring on my hand helped convince her.

I can't believe that was 25 years ago today.  I hope the next 25 years are as great as these.

Jill, I love you.  You were made just for me. 


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StevenSauke said...

That day, I was in the Philippines, completely oblivious to an event that would one day make a big difference in my life. So thankful you two found each other.

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