Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 9 of #40Days - Man up.

I've seen guys who are proud that they don't change their baby's diapers.  They'll pass a stinky little one off to the wife.  I'm not saying to push anybody out of the way for a chance to change a stinky.  But I am saying, "Man up!"  You can change the oil in your truck and let it run down your arm when you remove the oil drain plug.  You can dig a hook out of a fish's mouth.  But you can't clean poop off your baby or wipe puke up from the floor?

I've been puked on and pooped on more times than I could possibly remember. So the Forty Day project wouldn't be complete without at least one poop story.

Riley and Tilley were infants when the roto virus struck everybody in our house.  Roto virus is a very mean stomach flu.  I happened to be changing the babies' diapers. With a diaper removed, I was hit with a brown blast that soaked me. Fortunately, I was only dressed in a bath robe and underwear.

Then there was that time at Shoney's restaurant when one of the babies puked on me. I finished my meal in my undershirt.

And the time Tucker filled his car seat with a puddle of poop on the way to church. We discovered it as we took him out of the car in the church parking lot. What a mess.
Georgia made mustard in her diapers.  It got to where I would lay out newspapers in the floor and put her on them.  It was like a disposable changing pad.

Babies are messy. That's for sure.   But there's nothing sweeter than a baby.

God bless,

This is day #9 of 40 Days.

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