Friday, June 28, 2013

Wedding vows renewed after 25 years. L

2013 June 27

Jill and I renewed our wedding vows in honor of our 25th anniversary
which was this past December.

Our friend Allen Ellsworth performed the ceremony, keeping it brief at
our request. It was beautiful and well worth the trip. We wanted to
renew our vows on the beach of Gulf Shores, Al. because we love it,
having vacationed here most of the past fifteen years.

Speaking of friends, this has been the absolute beat week because if
our friends and family. Allen and his wife Shelly, along with their
triplet girls came down from Chicagoland. Jennifer and Kimberly,
lifelong friends of Jill, came with us. Milissa and her boys came
over from Mississippi. My mom, dad, sister and her family came down.
We laughed a lot, played a couple games of chess and put together a
five hundred piece puzzle.

Our kids had a great time with each other, much like their parents.

Doc's was the favorite restaurant.

If you've achieved 25 or 50 years of marriage, I recommend renewing your vows.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lost a long way from home.

We always teased them that they got lost on purpose.

After Youth Convention in St. Louis, Thanksgiving 1986, Jill and her
friend Jennifer headed back to Knoxville Tn. I went home to Memphis.
After I got home, Jill called me saying they were lost.

As the story goes, there is another Knoxville besides the one in
Tennessee. Being two inexperienced interstate travelers, they followed
the wrong road sign, toward Knoxville Iowa or somewhere. The wrong
turn landed them in - hold your breath - Memphis.

Andy to the rescue.

They spent the night at my house, under the close supervision of my parents.

My mom snapped this photo of us.

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