Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sharing ipad with kids leads to sharing text messages too.

Asher sometimes comments on text messages between Jill and me.  As you might imagine, we significantly cut back on messages of a personal nature like, "Baby, I can't wait to (fill in the blank)".

Let me explain how this came to be.  When Jilly bought me this iPad. I set it up with enthusiasm.  I wanted to take advantage of all the cool features.  So I entered my Apple ID in the settings, plus my cell phone number.  At some point, I noticed that all text messages in my iphone were also on my iPad.  Since the iPad is good entertainement for kids of all ages, I let Asher and Levi play with it a lot.    So, if Jilly sent me a steamy love note, Asher might read it.  (PS. We don't think that actually happened.)

It took a couple tries and some help from google to figure out how to disconnect the texting on my iphone from my iPad.  Here's what we found (Jilly helped.):

  • Go to Settings, Messages, and SIGN OUT of your apple ID account.  I completely removed all emails and everything from Messages.  That pretty much fixed the whole text message problem.
  • Then, I strengthened the parental controls under Settings, General, Restrictions.  Turn Restrictions on.  Then disallow everything but Safari.  Now look down at Allow Content, reduce the settings for your family.
  • Remember to go to Location Services and set to Don't allow changes. But don't turn off Find My iPhone.  That's very important in case someone misplaces your iPad.
  • Check all the other settings under Privacy while you're in there.
Now, it's time for steamy texting with my lovely wife.

God bless,

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