Monday, September 05, 2016

Rocket slide reunion

Labor Day + Family Reunion + Cookout + Rocket Slide = Great Memories

Labor Day 2016 we met at the famous Rocket Slide at Burns Park, North Little Rock, Arkansas. The Rocket Slide was a childhood favorite attraction of mine. I had at least a couple birthday parties there.

It's not the same now. My Rocket Slide was all metal - no plastic for us first generations. I read an article where the second generation space ship burned. Someone told me they remember it contained both wood and plastic.

Today's space shuttle is third generation I suppose. It's a fun design with a couple fast slides. I'm glad they didn't slow it down.

Enjoy these photos from our day. Maybe later I will add some details about the people in them.

Woo Pig Sooie!

KK and me with the 3rd Generation Rocket Slide in the background.
Drake and me.
James, my great-nephew.

Camp Robinson is nearby. I reckon that's why the tank.
"Look like soldiers!"
Levi in front. Jojo in the wagon. Tiffany holding Amaya, in green. Mindy with Abigail in pink. Jackson in white toddling toward Amber. Pilar and Ashley in the background.

My mom.
My cousin, Barry and me.
My brother, Mark.

My nephew, Robert.

My nephew, Jack.
"How do you get inside this thing?"
Levi chose the safe zone.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Something happened to me at choir practice tonight.

The creation story doesn't mention music, but God created it. Music is like the wind. It is invisible yet real. You can feel it but you can't touch it or hold it. It can be gentle and it can be powerful.

Tonight I find myself having been moved by music. A song, inspired. It Is Well is an old hymn. You have most likely heard it. I grew up singing it with my fellow Baptists. I didn't really like it. The song lacks the tempo and syncopation that I normally require - something that makes me tap my foot - something with a groove.

Then, when our baby Georgia died, our dear friends sang It Is Well at her memorial service. They did a beautiful job with the song, but the sorrowful occasion turned me even more against the song. From that day till this one I have not been able to listen to the song or sing it with any amount of joy or comfort.

Hear me when I say, the song brought me no comfort. None. In fact, it often made me either sad or angry. I really could not agree with the premise that it was indeed well. I understand the man who wrote the words had endured much greater loss than I. That didn't matter to me.

Until tonight.

FBC: It Is Well With My Soul - Concord Worship from First Baptist Concord on Vimeo.

As a new member of the choir at First Baptist Concord, I was not aware that this song was in their repertoire. Then we practiced the song. Thankfully, it was arranged by Tim Paul. Classically arranged under the influence of the Holy Spirit. While we were rehearsing the song, my dread began to turn. It was simply beautiful.

And the memories of our sweet Georgia Rose swept my mind. I saw her once again lying on the kitchen table, lifeless as I pushed air into her lungs with little puffs. Again, I regretted obeying the police officer who told me to stand back. I had touched her for the last time and didn't realize it. I wish I would have told him where to go, and picked her up to hold her one last time.

But the beauty of this song and the Holy Spirit who inspired it washed away those horrible things while I sang.

It is well. It is well with my soul.

I still feel the grief, but I have been touch by the Holy Spirit of God. He has given me a measure of healing, whether great or small I cannot tell. I am ready to sing this song. Thank you LORD for music. 

God bless you,

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