Friday, September 09, 2011

Day 20 of #40Days - He remembers how bad it tasted.

In June of 2001, we pulled our camper to Disney World for a week at Fort Wilderness.  Tucker was five years old.

My mother-in-law, "Mickey", went with us.  (No relation to the mouse.)  We had a great campsite location; we took in all the activities they offered, including Chip'n Dale's Campfire Sing-a-long, and Mickey's Backyard BBQ.  That's where Tucker had his first taste of beer!

As the name implies, Mickey's Backyard BBQ is a cook-out style dinner event complete with Mickey Mouse and his friends.  Drinks were served in clear plastic cups.  I think the drink choices were iced tea and beer.  Have you ever noticed how close tea and beer are in color and appearance?  But not taste.

Tucker had a bad habit at home of picking up any drink whether or not it was his.  This time, his habit backfired.  He picked up a drink from a nearby table and before we could stop him, took a big swallow.  You should have seen his face.  His eyes got wide and he set the beer down as fast as he could.

We have remembered this story and retold it many times over the years.  Tucker doesn't remember it as well as we do, although he says he remembers how bad it tasted.

Every living creature is in the hands of God.
We hear with our ears, taste with our tongues,
and gain some wisdom from those who have lived a long time.
Job 12:10-12

God bless,

This is # 20 of 40 Days.  Learn more here.

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