Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Today is the date, but two days from now is the day I remember.

We joked about the police escort that brought her to the KY/TN state line; how unusual it was.  The social workers brought her to us at a gas station on the TN side.  It was a very special day - two days after her birth.

We were so happy.  So blessed.

Every time I try to remember her birth date, I go to Dec. 10 and subtract 2.

I called people on the way home, to tell them the good news.  I told Charles Fritts, "We got her!"  What a happy day it was.

It was such a happy homecoming.  Jilly wrapped her up like a pink burrito and let Georgia's brothers and sisters take turns holding her while she was still new.

Joy and sorrow.  God has blessed me with an amazing wife, wonderful children and faithful friends.


StevenSauke said...

So sorry. I will be praying. Love you guys.

Angela said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family today.

Andy Brasfield said...

Thank you friends. Love you guys. Although today my emotions include sorrow, the joyful memories are currently over-riding the sorrowful ones.

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