Sunday, December 06, 2015

Photo Album v1

I've been cleaning and reorganizing the basement lately. I decided to go through some of the thousands of photos we have down there, and put a few of them on my blog for preservation. Enjoy.
I love this photo with all the personalities and Tilley's bare feet. I think this was in Alabama or Florida in 2002. Left to right, Sean, Tilley, Tucker, Asher and Riley.
When we go to the beach, Tucker totes around a bucket and fills it with critters. That's Tucker with the bucket and Tilley sitting nearby.
Aunt Debbie with Riley and Tilley, 1997.

Brittany and Riley at Johnny and Debbie's house. Tucker in the background.
Baby Tilley in a toy stroller. I think the stroller was for Brittany or Fallon's baby doll.
Sean, 1997 in front of our garage on Silo Dr.
Tilley, Laken and Asher, at Silo Drive. Notice the handle-less mug.
Tucker, 1997 I think.
Left to right, Tilley, Riley, Tucker, Sean, Daniel and Asher at Lenoir City Park.
Tilley, Sean, Riley, Asher, Daniel and Tucker at Lenoir City Park. I think this is one of the photos I used in Jilly's Mother's Day gift that year. I took a lot of photos that day and framed some of them as her gift.

My handsome brother Mark with Jack, Daniel, Mindy and Sean. Jack is son of my brother Scott. Mindy is Mark's daughter.
This is Sean at Mamaw Mason's, before we adopted him. Isn't he cute? I don't know who the little girl is.
Fallon and Tilley.
Miss Tilley has always had an attitude. I blame it on her mother. Riley in the background overlooking our pool on Silo Drive. I built the deck around that pool out of recycled lumber. It took about a year, but it was huge.
Asher helping on the piano on Silo Drive.
What a performance!
Riley, we used to call him Smiley Riley.
Tucker and Asher on the back porch at Silo Drive.
Tilley. I think this is Rock Springs Park in Lenoir City. Notice the dirty knees and feet.
Riley and Tilley. Again, I think this is at Rock Springs Park
Tucker and Riley. Same location.
Tucker, piloting the pontoon boat with me as the co-pilot. This is on Fort Loudon Lake near Lauderdale Cove.
Riley's turn. It sometimes took us forever to go through all the turns. Still does.
I would buy five boats for this beauty. It must have been early in the season with all the coats.
Tucker and Tilley, dyeing Easter eggs. This must be Tucker's Hulk impersonation.
Tilley at the NASA museum in Pensacola FL.
Tucker. Calm down.
Riley tries to comfort Tilley on her birthday. I don't remember why she was upset. 2001
Tilley doesn't seem too happy about this dress. It's a pretty dress.
But she is very happy about these pig tails. In our camper.
Riley and Tucker are still inseperable. They even work at the same place.
Tilley really likes the beach.
Tucker, clowning around in the camper tub. We used to camp on the weekends. Saturday nights, we bathed everybody in preparation for church on Sunday.
Mawmaw Hardy (my mom), me and Asher in our camper about 2002-2003. I think we were camping in Shelby Forest near Memphis. We dragged that camper all over the place, from Tennessee to Texas to Ohio to South Carolina.
Riley and Asher enjoy some popcorn on Silo Drive.
Papaw Tilley helps Asher with his Christmas present.
The Scott Brasfield Family, maybe around 2002. Sandra and Scott on the back row. Jason, Jack and Tiffany on front row.
Smiley Riley
Asher in The Chair.
I hope you enjoy these photos. Maybe I will post some more in time.

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