Friday, September 02, 2011

Day 13 of #40Days - "This is bigger than us."

A podcast episode of Daily Audio Bible, included the story of Esther.  Esther was the beautiful Jewish queen of the Persian king Ahasuerus.  You can read the story for yourself in the Bible here.

It moved me on several levels.  So I wanted to share it with you.  First, Esther was adopted by her cousin, Mordecai, after her parents died.  This is a great example of how important adoption can be.  It was Mordecai who advised Esther that this may be the time for which she was created.  If he hadn't adopted her, it's likely they wouldn't have had the relationship where he could say that to her.  Adoption can lead to some pretty cool things.

Secondly, Esther found herself with a decision.  Should she risk her life with hopes of saving her people from genocide, or be silent?  Although we North American Christians don't usually face life or death decisions, we are like Esther in that we are created for a moment in time.

It's cool that we can't usually see times before they arrive.  It's all of a sudden when you're faced with a decision.  Kinda like the day when our social worker called and said, "I know you have your hands full already, but Tucker has a new baby brother.  We have to ask you if you want him."

Adoption Day.
Well, we actually paused to think about that decision.  I mean, we immediately wanted to keep Riley and Tucker together.  But since Jill was 8 1/2 months along with Tilley's pregnancy, and we already had Daniel and Tucker, could we handle it?  And would it have been a blessing to another family if they could have this baby boy, rather than us?

We were made for moments like that.

So be ready.  You probably won't see it coming.  But you will be like Esther, faced with a potentially life changing decision.  Prepare yourself with faith.  Go ahead and determine now that you will trust God.  He can handle it, whether you can or not.

I was nervous.  Picking up baby Riley at the hospital, when Jilly was about to pop with baby Tilley in her belly, was a step of faith.  We were saying to God, "This is bigger than us."

That was 1997.

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, 
but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, "Abba! Father!"

God bless,

This is # 13 of The Forty Day Project.  Learn more here.

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