Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 23 of #40Days - "WE'RE HAVING A BABY!"

Jill asked me if I thought the pregnancy would be good.  I told her I had a positive feeling about it.  I am no psychic; but I felt good about this one.

I lost track of how many miscarriages we'd had.  I know she was afraid this could end the same way.  But this time was different.  Our baby itch was already being scratched by Tucker.  I hear a lot of people have a baby after adopting one.  Although Tucker's adoption hadn't been filed in court, we were satisfied that it would happen in time.

We used a high risk obstetrician and the pregnancy progressed pretty much as it should.  Jill watched everything she ate; took care to avoid smoke or other toxins; and didn't even take an aspirin.  She really took care of the baby. 

And let me tell you a thing or two about taking care of an in utero child.  I am a man, unable to speak from a woman's perspective, but listen up.  If your wife or girlfriend gets pregnant, encourage her to see her doctor asap and often.  Take her.  Support her in eating healthy foods.  Support her emotionally by providing a decent, calm, loving environment.  Take care of your woman.  Talk to your baby through her belly. 

The consequences of in utero alcohol or drug abuse, physical or emotional abuse, or simply not seeing a doctor, last for a lifetime.  You want your kids to grow up smart, well behaved and fiscally responsible, don't you?  Well, it really  starts at conception. 

*End of rant about pre-natal care.*

Once we got past the first trimester, we breathed a sigh of relief.  We'd never been that far before.  And, we were having a girl.

We were out shopping one weekend.  Actually, Jill was shopping.  I was taxiing her from store to store, probably driving Tucker around while he napped in the car seat.  Jill got in the van with a shopping bag and said she had bought the first  dress for our baby.  When she pulled it out to show me the cute little red and white gingham dress with apples on the front, it hit me: 


It was like my ah-ha moment.  Suddenly, I could visualize having a baby girl.

God bless,

This is post # 23 of Forty Days.  Learn more here.

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