Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 26 of #40Days - Where is her face?!?!

We left Riley with a friend while we went to the hospital for Tilley's arrival.  I admit, it was kinda weird dropping off our little baby so we could go birth another one.

Tilley, first birthday.
Everything went well with Tilley's delivery.  From my perspective, it did.  Jill's epidural didn't work, so she felt the whole thing.

However something kinda strange happened while Jill was pushing.  Tilley's head was crowning.  Then she started to come out.  Her head was far enough out that I started looking for her face, but couldn't find it.  After a minute or so, I began to worry that she didn't have a face at all.  I mean what looked like plenty of hairline to me was out already.  Where is her face?!?!  Suddenly baby Tilley was out entirely, and yes, she had a face now.  Whew! 

After they cleaned Tilley up and gave her to Jill, I called my mom.  She asked me what Tilley looked like.  I said, "She looks like us."  She was a perfect blend of Jill and me, and our families.

Tilley was a crier from the start.  She cried nearly all night that first night in the hospital.  We got no rest at all.  She cried a lot.  For three months she cried and cried and cried.  Then, the day she turned three months old, she stopped crying, unless she had a good reason.  She was a different baby, a happy baby.

It's kinda strange, but colicky babies usually grow out of the frustrating behavior at three months of age.  If your baby is one of these, hang in there.  Be sure your pediatrician knows about all the crying.  You don't want to ignore it, in case something is hurting.  Then, be patient.  That is easy for me to say now.  But do your best to be patient.  In the scheme of things, three months isn't very long.

Later that year, Jill's gynecologist told me that Tilley was a miracle baby.  He said he had seen inside Jill's body during surgeries, and there was no way she could have carried a baby to term.

Jesus looked straight at them and said, 
"There are some things that people cannot do, 
but God can do anything."

God bless,

This is post # 26 of Forty Days.  Learn more here.

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