Thursday, September 01, 2011

Day 12 of #40Days - Safety First

Do you ever look back and wonder why you allowed your kids to do something?

I felt that way after Madison got injured by a golf ball at my house.  Yes, a golf ball.

We were all outside.  I think Jill had gone to the store or something.  Daniel was way back in the rear of the yard, hitting a golf ball with a baseball bat.  I know, that's a lethal combination.  I thought I had made it clear to all the kids to stay back.  I should have stopped him immediately.

I was in the driveway, probably tinkering with the lawnmower.  I had a Murray that was always throwing a belt.  Daniel suddenly appeared.  He was screaming, "She's dying!  I killed her!!"


Then Madison came around the corner.  Her face was covered in blood.  She was bleeding from the forehead area.

Thankfully, I learned a little first aid in JROTC and Army boot camp.  A dish towel applied directly to the wound stopped the bleeding.  Once I cleaned her face up a little, I looked at the wound and saw what looked like her skull in there.  She needed stitches.

Daniel had been hitting the golf ball pretty hard with the baseball bat.  Madison walked in front of him at just the wrong moment.  Thank God it didn't hit her somewhere more vulnerable.  That kind of injury could have been serious.

Nowadays, Madison still carries the scar.  But there was no serious damage.

It was very scary for a few moments.

I can lie down and sleep soundly
because you, LORD, will keep me safe.

God bless,

PS.  This is post #12 of 40.  Learn more here.

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