Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Funeral talk with Laken.

She begged me to sit down and talk with her. So I did.  We went over all the junk I've told her. Junk like saying "open sesame" to the electric gate will make it open automatically. And stuff like Google reading your thoughts to complete a search from your cell phone.

After a few minutes, she said we should let her brain rest.  All the ideas were causing her head to expand.  So I offered a new idea for her to try:

"If you will hold one finger on a nostril and exhale kinda hard out the other nostril, it will relieve pressure on your brain,"  I said.  "Be sure and do both sides equally."  It worked so well, she tried to do both sides together.

She asked me to quit laughing at her.  But I couldn't.  

For those who don't know Laken, she is Jill's second cousin.  But our relationship is more like uncle/niece.  When Laken was little, she spent a lot of time with us.

Laken, if you read this, please know that I love you dearly.  You make me laugh.  We have fun at your expense, and you just play along.  You're a good sport.

It was unexpected fun and laughter on an otherwise gloomy day.

God bless,

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Jill said...

Just stumbled across this one again. CLASSIC!

Love you.

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