Thursday, February 03, 2011

Heater is working! Thanks to all for your tips. Here's what happened...

This morning, I posted this because our furnace wouldn't work.  It was kinda cold upstairs. 

When I got to work, I Googled "furnace won't come on" or something like that and studied several possibilities.  There was a video on YouTube about furnace repair.  It was boring and elementary; exactly what I needed.  In it, they showed the safety button. 

A few freinds mentioned the thermocouple, too.  After bracing myself to replace the thermocouple (or thermocoupler?), I came home and removed the access panel.  Looking it over with the flashlight, I saw the safety button.  Shazaam!!  I pushed it.  And, Holy Snapoly!!, the furnace fired up!  That's our button right there.

While doing this, I noticed how dirty the air filter was.  We have five separate filters on our two units combined.  So I replaced them all with new ones.  Maybe the safety button popped because the air couldn't circulate through the dirty filters, causing the furnace to overheat.  Idk.  Just a thought.

Thanks again to all my friends who called, texted, facebooked or spoke up, offering tips and assistance. 

Now, let's see if it will work through the night.

God bless you all,

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