Sunday, February 13, 2011

We went fishing today. Look at what we caught.

The weather was great, for February.  59 degree F.  Breezy.  Compared to the subfreezing temps of this winter, we thought Phil was right.

On the advise of an avid fisherman friend, we tried a new spot. It was under the bridge near the Ft. Loudon Dam, on the Maryville side.

I couldn't be sure, but it looks like Tilley was fishing for tweeters. 

Watch this video to see what Asher caught.  

In addition to the three above, Tucker, Riley, Kk, and Jack, were on the rocky banks with us.  They were all so excited to go fishing.  It would have been fun to catch some real fish.  But we had a good day regardless.

If you are able, take your kids fishing.  I know you may have important things to do.  But, you'll be glad you spent time with your kids instead.  Be sure to take along a camera.  Take pictures.  And celebrate even the smallest of catches.

God bless,

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The Real Life of a Red Head said...

that video made me smile! I love your family so much!

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