Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crawdads, Merry-go-rounds and my Lawler shirt.

The Brasfield Nation invaded Rock Springs Park in Lenoir City today.  Tucker caught a crawdad.  And the kids learned how to go faster on a merry-go-round.

Tucker's Crawdad:  There is a creek at the park.  It took Tucker about a minute to find a critter living in the water.  And seeing a critter is never good enough.  He has to catch it.

The strange thing is that he had a net tucked away in our van.  I didn't know there was a net in the van.  But he didn't even think twice.  He ran and got the net like greased lightening.

Here's the video of Tucker catching Fred.  (That's right.  He named it.)

The Merry-Go-Round:
The kids asked me to push.  Faster.  Faster!!  FASTER!!!!

So I taught them how to use centrifugal force to make themselves go faster.  In this video, watch closely after I stop pushing.  You'll hear a thump as Asher hits the deck and Riley moves toward the center.  At that point, they pick up so much speed that Tucker is not able to bring himself in.

We also threw some baseballs and sat on a bench.

My Jerry Lawler Shirt:
When we got home, the mail man delivered my Jerry Lawler shirt.  In case you don't know the situation, Jill ordered a shirt from my favorite pro wrestler, Jerry "The King" Lawler, for Valentine's Day.  She ordered in plenty of time, about a month before Val' Day.  When it didn't arrive on time, she contacted Lawler's website.  To make it up to me, Jerry Lawler himself called me on Val' Day.  He said he wanted me to know that Jilly had done it all right.  Additionally, he autographed the shirt and put it in the mail.

Jerry was supposed to be on Monday Night Raw on Feb 14.  But his mother passed away the day before.  So he was off taking care of funeral arrangements and family business.  He still called me, despite his personal situation.

Jerry Lawler is a WWE Hall of Famer.  Class of 2007.  I watched him on local Memphis TV when I was a teenager.  He retired from action and became a ringside commentator.  Recently, he came out of retirement and is due to fight for the WWE Championship tomorrow night against The Miz, on Pay Per View.

The shirt arrived just in time for me to wear it during the championship match.  I think I'll wear it to church tomorrow, too.

It was another good day for The Brasfield Nation.

God Bless,

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