Thursday, February 03, 2011

Heat won't turn on. Suggestions for DIY please.

Before calling a professional HVAC man (or woman), I want your help to make sure I haven't overlooked anything here.  Our upstairs unit will not come on.  Thankfully, the downstairs unit is keeping the house warm enough, but it needs to be fixed.

So here are the symptoms:

  • Thermostat was set to 67, but never came on.  It's a digital Honeywell and usually kicks on when it falls one degree.
  • Pilot light is burning.
  • Fan comes on when changed from AUTO to ON.
  • Changed batteries in thermostat, letting it sit for five minutes with no batteries.  Replacement batteries are new.
  • It makes no noises, such as clicking of an igniter or anything, unless I turn the fan to ON.

Besides removing the batteries, is there any kind of reset I can do on the thermostat?  I really think the problem is in the thermostat, although I admit this is not my expertise.

Thanks for helping.



The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Shane thinks it could be the ignitor...we had what sounds like the same problem, and it needed a new ignitor...if we were close he could come and look at it for you...he's pretty handy with that kind of stuff..... :o(

good luck!

Andy Brasfield said...

Yeah, it may be time to call in a pro. I don't know the exact terms for parts inside a heat pump. But whatever makes the gas flow into the heat chamber is probably bad. Thanks Jill.

PS. Say "Hey" to Goober.

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