Thursday, May 18, 2006

You can call me Jeff if you want to.

Jeff is my brother's name. He lives in California. I live in Tennessee. Somehow, the couple next door to me got the idea that Jeff was MY name.

For 8 years, they've called me Jeff. "Hey, Jeff. How 'ya doin'?" "Jeff, your yard looks good this year."

My kids always say, "Dad, why don't you tell them your name isn't Jeff?"

I usually say something like, "it doesn't matter what they call me. I know who I am." Or, "what difference does it make ?"

Well, yesterday, I guy called me at work to see about having his color laser printer fixed. He told me his company name, which I recognized as my neighbor's business. He then made reference to his boss. So I asked him if it was the man. It was.

So, I told the caller that I was his boss's neighbor, but if he planned to tell his boss that I was going to fix the printer, he should refer to me as Jeff. When he told the boss, the boss called his wife and said, "Honey, what's our neighbor's name?"

She said, "Jeff".

So now the cat's out of the bag. "Jeff" jokes have been flying around all day.

The boss said "tell him it's Jeff" when he came to pick up his printer.

The caller signed his emails "regards, Jeff."

I replied, "Dear Jeff," and signed, "yours truly, Jeff".

Washing, washing.

Check out this vid of Kaymie cleaning and singing. See if you can recognize the tune she is singing.

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God Bless,
a. k. a. "Jeff"

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Jill said...

Cute! She's such a clean freak.

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