Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Printer fixed.

I ended up calling Konica/Minolta for help with this part and a subsequent error on the printer. It was pretty cool that I could point them to this website where they could see the picture. The printer works just fine without the part.

When I called the customer to tell him the printer was fixed, he said we should not charge sales tax on our labor. We've been charging sales tax on labor to repair printers for probably 15 or 16 years. Every year or two, someone complains about the tax so we usually check with our CPA. This time, I also checked the TN Dept of Revenue web site. Here's what I found under FAQ:

"Is labor (on real property or tangible property) taxable?
All labor inherent to the creation, installation, or repair of tangible personal property, as well as the parts or materials are subject to the tax. Labor to install or repair real property is not subject to the sales tax."

A laser printer is "tangible personal property". So we DON'T need to fire our CPA.

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