Friday, May 26, 2006

Easy Money???

I get these emails all the time. They say they want to buy a zillion ink cartridges. They want them overnighted. And they'll pay with a credit card. Great!!

It's a scam. You charge the order (probably hundreds if not a couple thousand dollars) to the credit card number they'll email to you. Then, like they asked, you ship the product overnight. Here's what'll happen.

The credit card number is stolen, but it goes through because the card-holder and the credit card company don't know it's stolen yet. The next morning, when the bandits receive the goods at their "mailbox" store under a fake name, they'll run it across the border, or throw it on their boat. By the time the credit card company finds out what's going on, the goods and the thief are nowhere to be found.

Here's what gets to me about these scammers:
If they'd put that much effort into a legitimate business, they'd make plenty of money. So why don't they go into business? Maybe they don't reside inside the US. Maybe they hiked across the border in TX or AZ.

That's what we need: more illegal immigrants.

On a happier note:
After I woke Asher this am, he said, "You dot my wattles in the toassa, Daddy?"

God Bless,

Mark 9.37

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