Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Baseball is supposed to be fun.

We had three baseball games last night. Asher plays on a team called the Tee-Wees. He really has a good time playing ball.

Some kids, as you should expect of five-year-olds, find it hard to get back out in the field after batting. I saw at least two parents trying to convince their kids to get out there and play last night. One dad pulled his little boy over to the side and got right in his little face and said "why don't you want to play?"

I'm not saying that man was abusive or anything like that. It's just that little kids are going to get nervous, bored or otherwise disinterested from time to time. When that happens, don't over-react!!

Here's what you do when your tee-baller doesn't want to stand in the playing field and chase baseballs: don't force him. Tell him he can go set on the bench until he's ready to play again. If he does indeed take to the bench, let him skip batting, too. He needs to know that batting is only for those who stand in the field. If he sits there for the rest of the game, maybe he has a belly ache or something. But PLEASE, don't tell him he HAS to play ball. You'll take all the fun out of it.

If you employ this idea, do not allow the child any other choices. Do not act like he is in time-out or like you are mad. Just tell him he can choose between playing ball or sitting on the bench. You both will enjoy the game more this way.

God Bless,

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matthew 5:6 (New International Version)

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