Sunday, January 23, 2011

I love doing stuff like this to Tilley.

She thinks it's gross when Jilly and I hug, squeeze or kiss in front of her. We often hear unsolicited reactions from our kids.  Levi usually says, "Awwww".  Kk and Asher usually just grin.

So today, while Tilley was out shopping with her mom, she called to say that Jilly's phone battery was critically low and I should communicate through Tilley's phone, if needed.  "Okay", I said.

Then I sent this text message to Tilley:

I loved "barf" and "gross" in Tilley's reply.

Seriously though, it's all in fun. We keep reminding our kids that they are blessed to have parents who love each other. One of the all-time best gifts I can give to my kids is to love their mother in front of them.

I am not trying to change Tilley's attitude toward PDAs between her mom and me. At her age, it is appropriate to be grossed out. When she matures, she will find it appealing in the correct context.

Tell me about a time your kids reacted to you and your spouse.

God bless,

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The Real Life of a Red Head said...

mine haven't done that yet...but i'm waiting for the day!!!! bawahahahaha!

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