Saturday, January 08, 2011

Getting ready for #WWE Smackdown in Knoxville.

If you know anything about The Brasfield Nation, you know how our kids are crazy about WWE wrestling.

Tomorrow, WWE Smackdown is coming to Knoxville.  Yes, we have our tickets.  Our kids are getting really excited.  They are making signs and posters to take and show off at the event.

The newest issue of WWE Magazine arrived yesterday, too.  There's a feature in the magazine encouraging readers (mostly kids, I guess) to send in a photo and comments about their favorite wrestler or whatever.  So, today, we've been taking pictures and writing down comments from the kids.  We will finish by mailing them to WWE Magazine in hopes they will publish our kids out of the millions they will probably receive.

Here are some of our entries:

Riley and his buddy William writing to WWE Magazine: 
"We like it whenever Jerry the King wrestles." And, "John Cena, can we have your autograph? 2 please."  - Riley and William.

KK with her "619 sign".

She's Rey Mysterio's #1 fan.
(Does that make anybody else think of the movie Misery ?)

Levi, warming up for Smackdown.
He's going for The Big Show.  But, if you can read, you saw that.

Tucker is a fan of many.
If he was a pro wrestler no doubt he would be called Rambo.

Be watching for pictures from Smackdown Knoxville in the next couple of days.

God Bless,

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