Saturday, April 09, 2011

Days like this make me thankful to be a dad.

The day's line up included three baseball practices, starting at 9 am. That's early for a Saturday.

We made the first one just in time. We had to push a little though. Levi had to change out of his pj's after we got here.

We went to Goodwill between practices one and two, to find a baseball glove for Asher. Success!! In addition to a glove, we bought Kk some cleats, a bat and a helmet for the three Yankees, and a pair of sandals for Levi. All for less that twenty bucks.

A quick pit stop at home for some lunch.

While the Yankees were practicing, the other kids asked me to play ball with them. By the time we were bumped off a previously vacant field, we had quite a pick-up game. The whole gang moved to another empty field where I snapped this photo.

I now am sitting in the grass with Kk, watching the Yankees and typing up this post with the breeze cooling me off.

There are plenty of chores that I could be doing at home right now. In fact, I feel a little neglectful of the house. But spending the day like this will pay off. The payoff is kinda mysterious yet simple. Simple: memories, closer relationships, exercise. Mysterious: unknown future events, unforeseen influence, no regrets in case of tragedy.

If I was not a dad, maybe this day would be much less fulfilling. I don't know. I can't say for sure.

Practice number two is almost over. We'll be back later for practice number three.

God bless,

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