Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Continental Breakfast

Ten or fifteen years ago, I took Jill and the kids with me on a business trip to Atlanta.  We stayed at a nice hotel where they served a free continental breakfast on the third floor.

"Perfect", I thought.  "We will save some money by eating the free continental breakfast."

Our room was not on the third floor.  It seemed kind of odd that they didn't have the food in the lobby.  But, oh well.  It was free.  Right?

At the time, I think we had four kids.  Jill, correct me if I'm wrong.  So you can see why breakfast was a big deal.  Little kids get very hungry in the mornings.

I figured it out near the end of our stay.  The third floor was the "Executive" floor.  The free continental breakfast was supposed to be for those executives who'd paid extra to be there.

When we got home, Jill told her uncle Greg about my success with what became known as "The Free Continental Breakfast".  I don't know how many times Greg teased about it.  I would have thought he was mad at me if a family get together had gone by with some mention of The Free Continental Breakfast.  (BTW, today, Greg is having surgery to remove some tumors from his brain.  Please pray for him and the family.)

Today is Riley's birthday.  This story reminds me of when he was little.  He was such a good baby.  We called him 'Wonder Boy".  I am very proud of Riley.  He is still such a good person.  He is pictured above with Tilley, when they were younger, obviously.

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StevenSauke said...

Yep...Riley amazes me. I'm proud of him too, and I'm not even technically related. :-)

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