Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Easter eggs are on the stove to boil.

There is a lot of tradition in the Easter holiday, both pagan and Christian. I understand that Christians kind of took this holiday over, replacing the original celebration of fertility or something with the celebration of Christ's resurrection.

But we still do the whole bunny thing.

It's easy for the kids to be more excited about candy and fun than about Jesus. But that's normal for kids. I wonder how excited they would be about His resurrection if we took away the fun stuff that has nothing to do with Him. I think kids would have no more enthusiasm over The Resurrection than they do Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is cool for kids because they get two days off from school. But that's about all they get out of it. Everything else associated with thanksgiving is of interest to adults. The main reason kids know what thanksgiving is about is that it's name says it all: Thanksgiving.
Easter doesn't say anything without some explanation.

So thank God for the Easter bunny which makes the holiday fun and exciting for kids. But thank Him even more for Eternal Life.

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