Sunday, October 14, 2012

Warning: Grandparent posts never-before-seen photos of Grandkids.

Meet Colten, the newest Brasfield.  

Father (Daniel) and son.
Mumzie and Colten.

Grandpa, Uncle Levi, Aunt Kk and Colten.

Aunt Tilley and Colten.
Grandpa and Colten, age 3 weeks.
As you can see, Colten is a precious gift from The Lord.  We are thankful that he is healthy and his mom and dad are well, too.

Here are a few photos of big brother, Drake.

Giving Drake a ride at the circus.

Daniel and Drake at the fall festival at church.

Drake uses The Chair as at the dinner table.

Here are some bonus photos for you.

Mumzie and Colten are content.

I took this from outside the window.

Colten, welcome to The Brasfield Nation.  
We love you very much.

(aka Dadofmykids)

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