Friday, October 26, 2012

That's my boy!

I am often amused by how people will follow suttle suggestions, like
the line that formed outside the coliseum before the Billy Currington

We got there early. The doors weren't opened yet. A short line had
formed at the doors. Jill and I broke ranks and sat down down on a
bench-like concrete edging. As we waited comfortably, people rushed to
claim their place in line. The line followed the covered walkway. In
other words people were standing under the cover even though it was
neither rainy nor hot. It was amusing because there wasn't any real
need to form such a line.

On another evening, we took the kids downtown to Market Square for
dinner. Afterwards we wandered out on the Square to hang out. That's
when I saw a street magician setting up for a show. He began by
carefully placing a rope on the ground in the shape of a large letter
U. Then he positioned his paraphernalia top center of the U and people
instantly began to stand around the rope as though we had been
trained. Yes, I followed along this time.

After the magic show, we headed back to the van. Jill took the lead
and I took the rear. The kids filed along between us. I had Levi's
hand as we walked. Levi and I had a hard time keeping pace but I had
everybody in sight before me. We were spread out as we walked.

Suddenly a man approached Asher, who had distanced himself evenly
between us, not close to anyone. The man was talking to Asher but I
had no idea what he could have been saying.

I shouted, "Sir!" while trying to pick up speed against Levi's drag.

He didn't hear me.

"SIR!!" I knew he heard me this time. He continued at Asher's ear.

I didn't know what to say as we rushed along to catch up with them,
all the while not releasing Levi's hand. Jill was simultaneously
encouraging Asher to keep moving toward the van which was parked just
ahead of him now. I was worried what this strange man might do to
Asher. And I was very frustrated that he had ignored my "Sir!"s.

These words got the mans attention:

With those words the man broke off from Asher and tried to explain to
me that he was innocently asking if my boy was going to the movies.

I've replayed that scene over and over in my mind. I am thankful it ended well.

And I am proud of "My Boy".

God bless,

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