Friday, July 23, 2010

Southeastern Laser Summer Communications.

Greetings! ,

"Summer Communications" may be an odd subject line for this email.  But I was afraid if I used the word "vacation", your spam filter would throw me out!
That's right.  This email is about helping you survive my vacation.  Since I'll be gone next week, you should know what to do in case you need to contact Southeastern Laser. 
Here are a few options:
  1. Email either Jim (my partner) or Jennifer (admin pro).
  2. Call 865-675-5900.  Jim is at ext. 101.  Jennifer is at ext. 100.
  3. Wait till I get back on Monday August 2. (Please see #1.)
There you have it.  That's The Plan.
If you decide to stock up on toner and ink, you know what to do.  Or if your printer breaks down, our team will be here for you.  Can't wait to buy that new office printer?  Jim can handle it.
Check my Twitter feed and Facebook for oil stained pictures from the beach. 
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 Have a safe and happy summer. 

Andy Brasfield
Southeastern Laser
Phone: 865-675-5900.

PS.  We're looking for computer people for our partner program.  If you know someone in the computer business, especially if they are outside the Knoxville area, please make the connection.
Southeastern Laser
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