Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fourth of July: Brasfield Style

He was overheard saying, "no, it's like this every night."


To celebrate Independence Day, Jilly cooked one of her famous meals, fit for a king and is court. All of our kids were here, plus Daniel's fiance, Kelli.  Ashliegh was here.  Diana brought her dogs for a swim, too. Later Deedee joined the fun. And Ryker.

One of the neighborhood kids was here and called his mom to ask her if he could eat with us. I guess his mom heard the party in the background.  He was overheard saying, "no, it's like this every night."  Really, he's not far from right. We like it like that.

We watched Twilight.  I napped.

As dusk approached, the excitement grew.  And at dark we began the fireworks.

It was a good day.

Be sure to click on the video clip.  It's short and very characteristic of what we were doing.

God Bless,

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