Saturday, July 03, 2010

Brasfield Nation TNG

The first time Daniel has been home in a while, I had him up on a ladder installing a new light. He's so happy and proud to be expecting his first baby, our first grandchild, The Next Generation of The Brasfield Nation.

Jill is excited too. A few minutes ago, she looked up from the Touch and exclaimed "can't wait till February!"

I look around here and see my kids at various ages and corresponding stages and remember what it's all about. It's about them. It's not about making them happy or giving them everything they want. It's about being here with them and for them. Letting them see how they will act when they grow up. Loving each other.

Sometimes I just plain screw up in front of them. I hope they learn how to get passed the junk by seeing me do it.

There's nothing sweeter than a little baby.

God bless.

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