Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am thankful for my children.

Needless to say, I have a lot to be thankful for.  

In the early years of marriage, we had many miscarriages.  We often cared for children of others, like Laken, Brooklyn, Danielle, Brittany and more.  Then, we started with foster care, which led to our full house.

We some times refer to him as "Number One" because he is oldest.  I made lots of mistakes in my arrogance with him, but he always keeps his high  spirits and positive attitude.  

Such a good boy.  Easy going.  Laid back.  Everybody who meets him likes him.

A sweet and loving boy.  Loves animals.  Is growing up too fast.

Always wants to please.  Likes to "rassle" on the trampoline.  Loves sports.

The junior mom.  So smart and beautiful.  She looks like the perfect blend of Jilly and me.  Reminds me of her Mama Hardy.

A real gift from God.  He likes hugs and going to school.  Our friends at LensCrafters love him.

A pretty and smart computer whiz.  She can sing like Hannah Montana.  Loves cameras.

Aka "Bubba".  Aka "Leroy".  He has rhythm, and humor.  He can eat more spaghetti than me.

She beat us all to Heaven.  What a sweet little baby.  She had the whole family wrapped around her little finger.  We only had her for three months, but what a wonderful time we had.

I am thankful for each of my children and pray they will all be blessed with such wonderful kids as mine.

God Bless,


abailey said...

Andy, what a beautiful post. Although I was acquainted with your children before this week, I saw these lovely people who loved you and Jill so much. I also saw all of these qualities that you described. I was so impressed by all of them. And I am always impressed by how you and Jill handle them!

Andy Brasfield said...

Thank you Angel. You're so sweet.

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