Friday, March 04, 2005

Homework and Dreams


Last night, Sean asked me to help with a school project he's been working on for several weeks. I thought it was going pretty well until I was told the project was due today. That just about made me mad. It's so typical of Sean to put stuff off like that, too. I've been asking him regularly how his progress on his project was going. He kept assurring me that all was well.

So, at about 8.30 pm, I faced a decision. Either tell him he's on his own because he waited till the last minute, or basically do it for him. I knew that if I left it to him to finish, it would not get done. That made me even madder. So, I just tore into finishing it. By 10 pm, I was done.

I made him help me some and he hovered most of the time watching the process. He saw, every step of the way, how it was done.

This morning, I was kind of thinking that I may have made a mistake by doing the project for him - almost entirely for him. I thought that it would have been good for him to face the consequences of his lack of responsibility. But then, I decided that I had done the right thing. By watching what I was doing, Sean saw this thing go from just an idea to a competed project. He saw me organize my thoughts and check to make sure all the required elements were there. He heard me talk about imagining what would happen if the project was real.

By the way, the project was to make a mock advertisement selling a book. It was on poster board and would be for display in a book store - if it was real. Too bad I didn't take a picture of it. I could have posted the ad here for your review.


Jill called me this morning. She had a dream last night. The dream was that Nettie had a baby at home (what's new?) and she was trying to hide it. Jill said it was one of those dreams that gives you a sense of urgency, like you have to do something.

She had a similar sense of urgency the day before Levi was born - we didn't know he was being born. He, too, was born at home.

Jill's not sure what to make of this dream. Was it from God or indigestion? She did speak to Nettie's sister on the phone last night about supper time. I believe that sometimes God speacks to us in our dreams. Sometimes, though, dreams are just that: dreams.

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