Thursday, March 10, 2005

Busy times

It's been crazy. We've had a stomach bug enter the house. Poor Kaymie and Levi have been sick with it. We've cleaning poopy diapers and getting puked on like crazy. I think they're getting better.

It's been pretty busy at work, too. I plan to complete some more certifications with Xerox and GCC soon. I'll wait till I here from GCC about the first one before I do any more with them. It probably would be a good idea to check with Brother to see about becomming an ASP for thier products, too.

The TV busted yesterday, so I rushed out and bought a new one. We'd had it for ever and it was used when we got it. Some of the buttons were broke off which made it where you had to stick something into the wholes to turn it on/off or the volume up. I usally used my glasses. Sometimes, one of the kids would ask me for my glasses so he could adjust the tv. What a gas!

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