Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 8 of #40Days -Stand Still

For many years, I've had this speech I give the kids when we go somewhere with large crowds.  If it's a concert, sporting event, anywhere with a large parking lot, especially out of town, they're sure to hear it again.

"There are a lot of people here.  It would be easy to get separated.  If you get lost, stand still.  Don't come looking for me.  I'll come looking for you."

We took Daniel, Laken and Brooklyn to Disney World in Florida.  Brooklyn was about three years old.  In addition to the stand still speech, we put our phone numbers in their pockets.

Things were going great.  The kids were having fun.  There was a play ground.  True to Disney's style, this playground had huge characters to climb, and tunnels.  It was really nice.  A good place to rest for a few minutes while the kids played.  There was only one way in and out of the playground.  But then...

Little Brooklyn.
Brooklyn went missing.

I quickly ran through the playground looking every where.  She was not there.  Jill started to panic.  I ran out of the playground, looking frantically for both Brooklyn and for a security officer or park employee.  I found an employee and told him she was missing.  He asked what she looked like, then went to get help.  I continued to look for Brooklyn.

After a few minutes of running larger and larger circles around the playground, I saw her standing by a light pole.  Waiting for me.

She said, "I did what you said.  I stood still.  And you found me."

We were so happy and relieved.  I still get emotional thinking about it.

God says the same thing in Exodus 14:13, "Don't be afraid. Just stand still and watch the LORD rescue you today."  If you get lost, you don't have to go looking for God.  He'll be looking for you.

God bless,

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Jill said...

I remember that day and the sheer terror that I felt thinking my baby was gone!

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