Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I remember Rhonda.

When she a little girl with long blonde hair, she got choked on a peice of butterscotch candy at my house. I was so arrogant. I wasn't too worried because Rhonda was talking and coughing just fine. But she was gagging and dry heaving like crazy. She and my mom both thought it was serious. She drank some water to lubricate the candy and it came back out.

I wish I could somehow share with you the picture of Rhonda that I have in my mind. Even though she was a grown lady with a beautiful family of her own, I still remember her mostly as she was when I left Memphis for college. She was a sweet little girl, the kind of child every parent hopes for.

Thank you all for your prayers and blessings. Now begins the time of adjustment and lonesome grieving for her husband, Mike. Let's all remember Mike and his girls.

Love to you all,

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