Thursday, January 14, 2010

"You work harder at being lazy than you would if you'd just do it."

I think of this phrase, which my mother repeated to me in my childhood, when I realize how hard some people work at scamming.

Today, I received a credit application from a prospective client from about four states over.   I know our printer cartridges are awesome and our company rocks, but there must be somewhere in the Washington, DC area where that company could buy toner cartridges.  Google "toner cartridges, DC" and you get 641 results.

When I googled the name on the signature line at the bottom of the form, I learned it was the name of the President and CEO of a very prestigious DC corporation.  But the email addresses of the parties named did not exactly match the addresses on company's real website.

The final straw was the signature itself.  I found the man's actual signature on a copy of a contract he signed with the government last year.  The entire contract was posted on the company's website.

That's odd.  His signature has changed significantly in just one year.

Now, the words of my mother rang loud and clear.  Somebody had put a lot of effort into imitating an established company in hopes of using their good credit to order printer cartridges from me without the intent of ever paying for them.  By the time this dumb redneck tried to collect, they'd either be gone or they'd just ignore me.

He thinks he's smart.

One email to the real company revealed the truth.  Now they have a copy of the so-called credit application.  Their corporate attorney is reviewing it.

Why not just get a job?

Instead of stealing toner, you could sell toner!!

Some people work harder at scamming than they would if they'd just work.  

(Thanks Mom)

God Bless,
Andy Brasfield

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me"  Mark 9:37  (NIV) 

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Chris said...

Instead of selling toner you should be a private investigator. See you in the morning.

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