Monday, January 18, 2010

This is the day our kids have been waiting for.

Gone are the days of Jerry The King Lawler and Randy Wild Man Savage. Our kids don't want to see those guys anyway.

They want to see John Cena, some huge dude called Big Show, and a company of others that I don't know. Lord willing, they will see them.

WWE Monday Night RAW is coming to KnoxVegas tonight. My MIL bought tickets for us all.  

The kids have been counting the days, literally. I am not joking. Every day for the last week or more, they have been asking how many more days till RAW. They are so excited. Posters are made. Clothes are being washed and set aside. This is probably one of the biggest events to hit the Brasfield Kid Calendar since...I am thinking...give me a second...I am trying to remember anything this huge...that's it...I can't think of anything bigger.

Please pray for Jilly and me as we venture into the unknown tonight.  

Maybe Jerry The King Lawler will be there as an announcer at ringside. That would be comforting.  

Jilly says she's taking something to read, so she doesn't get bored. She should take that sign we talked about so Charles Fritts would owe us twenty bucks. Or was it five bucks?

Tucker plans on buying something. Jilly made me promise I wouldn't buy her a shirt or anything like that. She's afraid someone will know she's been to a wrestling match. Wresting match. Is that what it is called?

Don't worry Jilly, I set the dvr to record it in case the camera man looks our way.

God bless,
Andy Brasfield

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me"  Mark 9:37  (NIV) 

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