Monday, September 28, 2009

A weekend to remember.

What an amazing time we had at Mike's 50 birthday celebration!!

You wouldn't know Mike was fifty years old. He neither looks nor acts old. Thankfully, he invited Jill and me to his party.

The party was held at America's Packard Museum in Dayton, Ohio. What a cool place! And he invited everyone to dress in 1920's outfits to match the cars there. Every one looked great, especially my Jilly.

The dance floor was special for us. Jill and I had never danced together, thanks to religion. Can you believe anyone would say that dancing is sinful? We danced slowly as well as, how would you say, "fast"? It would be great to do more of that. Is there somewhere in Knoxville with that kind of atmosphere?

Thanks again, Mike and Donna for inviting us.

We met some special friends, including Larry and Deanna Shrodes.

God Bless.

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