Sunday, February 22, 2009

He seems to be ready for a change.

When your 20 year old son calls and says he has no where to live, it can make you listen. The fact remains that he can't live here. There's too much at risk with seven minor children still at home. It was hard to say no, but having agreed with Jill many months back that this would be our answer helped.

"We could get him a motel for a couple days," Jill said. That would give him time to find somewhere to go.

So, tonight he's warm and cozy in a clean room not too far from here. He has some food and a McD's gift card for more eats. There's a phone and phone book there, too.

He says he's ready for a change. Tomorrow, he says he'll call Teen Challenge. I pray he does.

God Bless,

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