Friday, June 02, 2006

Talk about changing your life!!!

Did you see that special last night on ABC? The one about foster children, by Diane Sawyer. Click here for a link about it.

My heart broke for those kids.

You know they showed the ones with the worst problems and most dramatic stories. One birth mother had laid a dead dear on the table for her kids to eat - uncleaned and uncooked. One girl had been severely sexually abused. One toddler had apparently spent more time with the family dog than with people. There are lots of kids in foster care with such issues.

Even though foster children usually come with baggage of one sort or another, they didn't ask to be abused, neglected and removed from their families. There are currently over 100,00 foster children waiting to be adopted. Most of them are like used car salesmen. They can rattle off what's good about them and why an adoptive family would be smart to choose them.

Now that you know this, what will you do? Will you let someone else handle it? Will you forget about these needy children?

Adoption is not as hard or as expensive (in may cases) as people think. Most of the time, when you hear of someone spending tens of thousands of dollars for an adoption, it's because they went out of the USA or adopted a healthy white newborn baby. When you adopt an older child or one with special needs (like all the kids on last night's TV special), the State will usually pay for the home study, the attorney fees, and provide insurance and monthly subsidy payments till the child turns 18 or finishes college.

In other words, if you think you can't adopt a child because it's too expensive, think again. Contact your local Dept of Human Services, or whatever they call it in your state. Ask them how you can become an adoptive family.

The children are getting older every day. So don't wait.

Here's an "instant" family for you.

God Bless,

PS. Happy birthday to my little brother, Jeff. 32 years old!!!

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