Thursday, June 08, 2006

Old testament families...

You know Moses. What about his brother, Aaron?

Aaron had eleven sons. You know there must have been some daughters, too.

Joseph was one of twelve brothers and Lord-knows-how-many sisters.

All through the Bible, especially in the old testament, you can read about people who had ten, twelve, or more children.

Why, then, do people today shake their heads when they hear of large families like ours? It's like a dog that needs to be spayed or neutered. It's like there's something wrong with us.

There's a difference in the culture from the Old Testament to now. They lived mostly in large groups where families group up together and stayed together, even as adults. The young ladies would leave there families to join up with their grooms'. So they were around to help each other. In our culture, you leave your parents around the age of 20 (give or take a couple years). Then you're on your own. You get married and have kids while you go visit your parents. But you don't usually live with your parents, your brothers and their families all as your next door neighbors.

Then, there's perception. People today have the perception that having more-than-the-average-number of children will bring you down somehow. "How do afford them?" "How do you do it?" "You sure have your hands full." HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? Unless you've parented eight or nine kids or more you can only assume what it's like. Usually, it seems, the assumption is negative.

By the time you average parents get to child # 2 or 3, you're tired, stressed and running out of money before you run out of month.

Here's the key:
Quit being so selfish. If you continue trying to live for yourself you'll miss out on the happiest and most fulfilling life. Stop dreaming of going to the mall or to the lake with out the "hassle" of dragging the kids along. Stop wishing you could buy that big-screen TV or the dream-boat that you can't afford now because of the grocery and clothing expenses your kids caused. Don't look at the NY Times Best-sellers List and wish you had time to read.

Start hugging those little rascals when you feel the stress. Buy yourself a digital camera and take photos and videos of your kids. Slow down. Quit worrying. Fix a whole mess of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and have supper on the back porch. Smear sunscreen all over a little swimmer's back. See what it takes to make your child laugh.

Then, you'll start thinking, "I sure hope little Joey isn't our last one."

God Bless,

Mark 9.37


Jill said...

I sure hope little Georgia wasn't our last one.


stephanie garcia said...

Jill posted a link to your blog on TeaTime ... I responded to her there but thought I should tell you, too! You bring up such great points - I totally agree ... It really bugs me when someone who obviously makes two, three times as much money as we do says that can't "afford" to have that second or third or fourth child ... I can't afford NOT to have my children! They teach me so much and bring a wealth to my life that money could never buy. They are truly gifts from God. Thank you for the excellent reminder!

Dadofmykids said...


Thank you for your kind words and support. That really means a lot to me.

God Bless,

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