Monday, September 05, 2016

Rocket slide reunion

Labor Day + Family Reunion + Cookout + Rocket Slide = Great Memories

Labor Day 2016 we met at the famous Rocket Slide at Burns Park, North Little Rock, Arkansas. The Rocket Slide was a childhood favorite attraction of mine. I had at least a couple birthday parties there.

It's not the same now. My Rocket Slide was all metal - no plastic for us first generations. I read an article where the second generation space ship burned. Someone told me they remember it contained both wood and plastic.

Today's space shuttle is third generation I suppose. It's a fun design with a couple fast slides. I'm glad they didn't slow it down.

Enjoy these photos from our day. Maybe later I will add some details about the people in them.

Woo Pig Sooie!

KK and me with the 3rd Generation Rocket Slide in the background.
Drake and me.
James, my great-nephew.

Camp Robinson is nearby. I reckon that's why the tank.
"Look like soldiers!"
Levi in front. Jojo in the wagon. Tiffany holding Amaya, in green. Mindy with Abigail in pink. Jackson in white toddling toward Amber. Pilar and Ashley in the background.

My mom.
My cousin, Barry and me.
My brother, Mark.

My nephew, Robert.

My nephew, Jack.
"How do you get inside this thing?"
Levi chose the safe zone.

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