Saturday, October 15, 2011

First in. First out.

I was kinda surprised at the boys for getting up early on Saturday morning to go to the tire store with me. Last night I told them I planned to get the tires rotated and balanced on the van because we are driving to Nashville today to meet up with my sister.

After my brother in law's accident, he was in the hospital and rehab. The doctors expected him to be there for a month so we took my nephew for a couple weeks. Jill home-schooled him along with our kids. My BIL went home this week, thank the Lord. Today, we are taking my nephew back to his mom who will meet us in Nashville.

Right now, I'm sitting at this old tire store in Lenoir City. It's a family owned, second generation business where everybody seems to know each other, and if they don't, they act like they do anyway. They know what they are doing and provide good service and value. My tradition has been to come here as early as possible on Saturday because they get backed up pretty quickly. First in first out.

Bringing the boys with me is cool. This place is really manly, but I would have brought the girls too, if they had been up. It obviously hasn't been updated or remodeled in many years. it's the kind of thing they will remember. I hope they will take good care of their vehicles when they grow up.

God bless,

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