Saturday, October 23, 2010

We encountered a bear of sorts in the Great Smoky Mtns

Riley was scared but I thought he was mistaken. He said somebody had threatened them with a knife. So I went to check it out.
We had driven to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, about an hour from home, to have a nice picnic in the autumn forest.
The kids told me it was a teenager. And they were scared. Riley led
the way to the spot, not far from our picnic site, where the thing
Sure enough, there were two teenage boys. I ask them to show me the
knife. When he handed it to me, I said "now get the hell out of here."
Then we walked away.
The knife was small, but still, the boy had threatened my kids with
it. So I threw it in the nearest garbage can when he wasn't looking.
Some kids might be responsible enough to carry a pocket knife, but most aren't.
We had a wonderful day. The fall colors were beautiful, especially
against the sky blue backdrop.
God bless,

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