Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keep on Daddin'

Daddin' is for Men.

I mean real men:

  • Men who's arm won't fall off from retrieving a hot wheel car from turd infested waters.  
  • Men who will squeeze their kids' momma just so tight in the kitchen.
  • Men of honesty and integrity.  
  • Men who will be with their kids on non-birthdays and non-holidays.  
  • Men who will worship God without shame.
  • Men who will go to work and come home after work every day.
  • Men who scratch a dog's ears.
  • Men who smell like men.
  • Men who can admit their mistakes.
Perfection? No.

Dads? Yes.

Keep on Daddin'.

God Bless,


Matthew 10:40

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