Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day! I have something to say to my fellow Dads out there.

If you do these three things consistently, you'll be a great Dad:

1. Love God.
2. Love the mother of your children.
3. Love your kids like they are you.

This is simple but not always easy. Sometimes things come up that will get in the way of love or will interfere with love. But don't panic. It happens to all dads. If you come back to these three steps, you will be OK.

Step one: Love God
This step is not for sissies. Be a man in front of your kids. Show them what it looks like when a man follows Christ. He gave us the whole Bible to figure out how to do this Love Thing. So read it. Or listen to it. Study it. It's about a relationship with God that will be obvious in your life. Your kids should he able to see this without hearing it from you.

Step two: Love their mother.
A good relationship between both parents makes all the difference in the world for a kid. I know how easy it is to screw up, but hang in there. I always think of you guys who are divorced when I talk about this step. It is important for you also to show your kids how to love and respect their mother. All of us should remember the kids are always watching how we treat our wives. Let them see some affection. Hug her in the kitchen until some one yells "Get a room". It's good for the kids to see that.

Step three: Love your kids.
This one comes in handy on those days when one of my kids breaks something or loses one of my important tools or does something that really aggravates me. That's when I remind myself of all the stuff I broke or lost when I was a kid. Try to think like one of your kids.  Do you feel like your dad made some big mistakes here?  Then try to be different from him with your own kids.  Guys, be there with your kids. Spend time with them. Lots of time. Nothing can replace time. And nothing is more valuable to your kids than time.

These three basic things should be the foundation of your fathering. If you keep these principles alive in your life, then you will be a great dad with awesome kids.

God bless,

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